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Welcome to our cozy corner at North of Havana Cigars! Here, we’ve gathered many of our favorite cigar review videos just for you. It’s like sitting down with a good friend to chat about what makes each cigar special, from their rich flavors to their unique stories. 

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Latest Articles

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Pairing Guide: Finding the Perfect Drink to Complement Your Cigar

Pairing the right drink with your cigar can transform your smoking experience, elevating the flavors and enjoyment of both. This guide simplifies the art of pairing, making it accessible for every smoker. Coffee and Cigars: A morning or afternoon smoke pairs...

The Art of Cigar Aging: Unlocking Flavors Over Time

The journey from a good cigar to an extraordinary one lies in the process of aging. Esteemed by aficionados, this process involves resting cigars in a controlled setting for extended periods. This nurturing leads to a deeper, smoother, and richer taste. The Essence of...

Finding Your Perfect Match: The Ultimate Cigar Selection Guide

Embark on a journey to find the perfect cigar with our expert tips on navigating sizes, strengths, and flavors. Ideal for both newbies and aficionados.

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