Empire Blend Reserve

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The Empire Blend Reserve

6×54  Box Pressed Royal Toro. Medium + Body, Earthy with a subtle white pepper and notes of coffee.

A cigar strength meter with the needle pointing towards medium-full on a deep red scale.

Finding Balance: The Medium-Full Cigar Strength Indicator


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San Andreas Maduro






Royal Toro Madoro, Royal Toro Natural


5 Count, 10 Count, 20 Count

7 reviews for Empire Blend Reserve

  1. Tito Dench

    First to look at this oily cigar. We see a chocolate bar. It starts with a robust cocoa and white pepper sweet finish. As you work your way through the cigar you get more notes of cocoa and coffee. The white pepper is subtle undertones of sweet throughout.
    You will find two flavor changes in this cigar but for the most part you will find an enjoyable cocoa and sweet flavor. ~Tito

  2. The Pope of Long Island

    Out of the gate you get a quick taste of pepper followed by a sweet chocolate draw. Throughout the smoke you can as what I would say is a smooth pepper experience as if it was a pepper powder. You really can enjoy and appreciate the pepper flavor without the regular pepper bite along with some sweet chocolate in the backround makes this an awesome Smoke. -Pope

  3. Adrian

    I was impressed by the Cordoba & Morales Empire Blend Reserve the moment I picked it up. The stick had an intoxicating Padron 3000 smell. The ode to Padron continued with the classic cocoa flavor that was also very earthy. The soft boxed pressed 6×52 had medium-full flavor which, I believe would be even better with some time in the humidor. I feel like the value here is hard to beat. This is my new daily smoke.

  4. Luis Torres

    The Empire Blend reserve was a Great smoke. I found it to be a level better than the El Pulpo Cigar by AJ Fernandez and that was my favorite last year. Looking forward to all of Cordoba and Morales new releases this year.

  5. GatorDave (verified owner)

    Outstanding stick and great value!

  6. Kevin Kadamus (verified owner)

    One of the best sticks I have ever smoked! Sweet pepper with cocoa to finish it off. Oh and with a bourbon the sweetness explodes with extra enjoyment. Dark medium to a light boldness. Not too bold, just right. Extremely smooth down to the nub. Do yourself a favor and get a box and share with your friends.

  7. Marquelle Wohlford

    The Empire Cigar is beautiful in its look and its flavor. From the initial draw to when you reluctantly lay it down for the last time in the ashtray, smoking this blend is a pleasure. As a gift to yourself or someone special – seek out The Empire Cigar. You can thank me later.

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